Bold goals.

“Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback…they’re ruthlessly results-oriented.”-Fast Company

Are you a game-changer or aspiring to be one?

Our clients are high-performing C-level executives, directors, boards, and founders who are forward-focused and results-oriented. They are in their element when they’re breaking new ground or out-performing the competition. Our goal is to help successful people to become and to create better leaders and ultimately create effective leadership cultures.

You will experience a powerful shift when you commit yourself to our highly customized coaching methodology. Our corporate approach is successful because we know that becoming a great leader or executive team is not a one-dimensional process. It requires multiple skill sets, competencies, and a knowledge base that extends across a variety of roles, platforms, mediums, and key strategic elements. The SHIFT coaching team has a proven track record and is genuinely devoted to making a profound difference in people’s lives.

Our services include:

  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Team Coaching & Development
  • Business Transition Coaching & Consulting
  • Corporate Vision & Alignment
  • Business Operations Consulting

Astounding outcomes.

“I was able to increase my rates over 60% and double my client base.”
-J. Lopata, Editor in Chief

“SHIFT helped me to develop and successfully implement a strategy to go for and finally get a great career advancement and promotion.”
-J. Burgess, Legal Counsel

“Excellent coaching skills of deeply listening and asking truly powerful questions have helped me to achieve a 150% growth in my business in 2 1/2 months.”
-A. Davis, CEO & President

“An excellent balance of no nonsense, candid insight while fostering enlightening self-discovery…not an easy task with “Type-A” business leaders. I highly recommend SHIFT as a trusted leadership coach and advisor.”
-J. Ozbun, Entrepreneur

“I was able to make the connection and apply the emotional and intellectual intelligence I needed to see my truth”
-S. Gullbrand, Life Coach

We invite you to join our list of powerful clients and allow us to help you shift into your full potential. Please contact us to learn how a SHIFT Coach can help you and your business achieve unprecedented results.

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